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Policy Library

Welcome to the University at Buffalo Policy Library

The University at Buffalo Policy Library serves as the official repository for all university-wide policies.

Policies pertaining to workplace violence, harassment, and discrimination may be found under the Human Resources category.   The Fraud Reporting policy provides several options for reporting suspicious behavior and may be found under the General category.

Some of the policies herein have already been vetted as part of the policy review project and have been written in the new standard format.  Others have been carried over and are pending review.  Therefore, both new and old policy formats will coexist for some period of time.  Regardless of their current review or format status, all policies on this web site are in force.

Note:  To the extent that different versions of these policies appear elsewhere, the version set forth here shall be the official version, and takes priority over any inconsistent or conflicting version.

These policies relate to academic areas such as students and teaching.

Policies related to the university's buildings, grounds, and roads. Subjects include, but are not limited to, emergency systems, police practices, general safety, and enviromental issues.

Policies dealing with accounting for and managing University assets.

General University
Policies of a general administrative nature.

Human Resources
Policies, rules, contracts and related information impacting your working relationship with the university for all employee groups.

IT Policies
Policies that cover systems, access, data, and related issues.

These policies cover many areas that affect the administration of research and sponsored programs.

Policy content is the responsibility of the executive listed on the first page of each policy.  Please contact the Responsible office noted in the Contact Information section near the end of the policy if you have questions about interpretation or content.


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