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Research Policies
These policies cover many areas that affect the administration of research and sponsored programs.
Policy content is the responsibility of the executive listed on the first page of each policy. Please contact the Responsible office noted in the Contact Information section near the end of the policy if you have questions about interpretation or content.
Acceptable use of Research Foundation Proprietary Data Outside RF Business System.pdfAcceptable Use of Research Foundation Proprietary Data Outside the RF Business System Policy
The integrity and confidentiality of Research Foundation (RF) data must be protected when RF proprietary data are combined into a non-RF business system.
Approved Entities for Fiscal Administration of SPs.pdfApproved Entities for Fiscal Administration of Sponsored Projects
Sponsored Project funding directed by UB faculty or staff must be deposited with, and administered by, either the Research Foundation or UB Foundation Services Inc.
Cost Transfer Policy.pdfCost Transfer Policy
There are circumstances where it may be necessary to transfer expenditures to a sponsored project.  Cost transfers should be timely (within 90 days), fully documented, conform to university and sponsor allowability and allocability standards, and include…
FA Recovery Distribution Policy.pdfFacilities and Administrative Cost Recovery and Distribution Policy
Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs are charged to externally sponsored awards, unless specifically prohibited by the funding agency. A percentage of F&A Costs ...
Financial Responsibility Policy.pdfFinancial Responsibility for Sponsored Projects
The Principal Investigator is responsible for the financial management of a sponsored project. The College or School to which credit is assigned for a sponsored project is responsible, in proportion to credit assigned to it, for all costs ...
Graduate Student Tuition on Research Awards.aspxGraduate Student Tuition on Research Awards
Graduate Student salaries and tuition costs are allowable costs on sponsored projects and are often a required cost.
Institutional Base Salary.pdfInstitutional Base Salary for Sponsored Projects
This policy defines Institutional Base Salary and its use in estimating, accumulating, and reporting salary charges to sponsored projects.
InstitutionalCOIHumanSubjects.pdfInstitutional Conflict of Interest in Human Subjects Research
The University at Buffalo (UB) recognizes its obligation to protect the rights and welfare of human subject research participants and to ensure research integrity.
Investigator Conflict of Interest Policy.pdfInvestigator Conflict of Interest
To ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, the University at Buffalo requires an Investigator to disclose his/her financial interests and non-university obligations and the financial interests and non-university obligations of…
PI Eligibility Policy.pdfPrincipal Investigator Eligibility
Only eligible University at Buffalo (UB) faculty and staff may serve as a Principal Investigator (PI) on externally funded research, training, or other sponsored project.
Proposal Submission.pdfProposal Submission
Sponsored Programs Services (SPS) must review and approve all proposals prior to submission to an outside funding agency. 
Responsible Conduct in Research, Intellectual And Creative Activity.pdfResponsible Conduct in Research, Intellectual and Creative Activity
It is the policy of the University at Buffalo to maintain high ethical standards in research and other scholarly work, prevent misconduct where possible, and promptly and fairly evaluate and resolve any instance of alleged or apparent misconduct
Royalty Distribution.pdfRoyalty Distribution Policy
The University at Buffalo uses a single uniform structure to distribute proceeds derived from the commercialization of inventors' intellectual property and technology.